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Peruvian Organic Specialty Coffee

Welcome to our online store! We have a high quality coffee selected by especialist with more than 10 years of experience. Also we provide innovated products made with coffe. We delivery our product within 24 hours once we received your order. You do not have to wait more!



How we start our idea?

We were inspired once we had an amazing experience enjoying farmers live in Peru, we met a lot of people pasionate with coffee, we could appreciate a lot of work doing to find a good quality coffee so that we want to make them have better quality of life promoting more jobs for them. So we started to buy coffee and work with farmers together improving their knowledge. In the way, we innovated products made with coffee, so we can help to more people get a job and use their creativity, also we recycle coffe, being sustainable company, we teach to people and customers how can we take care about the planet and help people life at the same time just buying coffee or products related with. We are sure you will love it!



Calle Parral 123, Ciudad de México, 06140


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